Happy Birthday to my mentor, soulmate, best friend, and family. Cynthia Handy believed in me and was there for me when I needed positive guidance. You taught me important skills to succeed in the music business and to know my worth, especially when it comes to getting paid for providing services. Without Handy Entertainment, there would be no Fillmore Wax. I am very grateful that I can go from one place to another around the Bay Area and people would know who I am. This picture above will always be the one, especially it was at HieroDay 2013 on September 2, exactly one year before you left us. It saddens me that you weren’t able to make it with me to HieroDay 2014 or us both missing Long Beach Funk Fest 2014. However, I was glad to be there for you on September 1, 2014, the last 24 hours of your glorious life. I was very sad during your services because nobody knew you the way I did. However, I was filled with joy and cheerfulness when I found out I was an honorary pallbearer. Over the years, it would make me sad when you told me you didn’t have much time left. When you left, I accepted it because I didn’t want to see you suffer anymore. We went through hell and back, but we were always on the same side. Today, October 23, 2014 is not just your birthday, but it’s a new beginning in your life and times. You may not be here with us as a human being, but your spiritual presence is can be felt. Peace & Love to an unforgettable icon.


Words does not describe the bond I shared with Cynthia Handy over the years. Many haven’t seen her since she hasn’t been out much in public. However, I treasure that I was able to be with her in the last 24 hrs of her life. She wasn’t in the best condition, but now she doesn’t have to suffer the pain. Gone but not forgotten. It’s an honor that I’m a Cynthia Handy guy. Handy Entertainment #1 4Life!