Hello. It’s been a few years since I’ve been active in the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. In the mid-2010s, the cost of living had increased, causing many to move out of the Bay. Some clubs and venues ended up closing down due to the high rent as the tech boom was taking over. Other supporters ventured off in different opportunities to improve their musical talent. Unfortunately, there were also those who passed away. The combination of these things affected me and I was losing interest in being apart of the music scene. Those who had a steady schedule of performances were the only ones who were able to get gigs. By the late 2010s, I took an interest in learning Latin percussion and the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco became a second home. Over the years, I was spinning DC GOGO music, but it wasn’t always easy attracting a crowd for that type of music. I planned on starting a band, but I knew it was important to learn how to play congas. At the same time, I travelled to the Nation’s capital to check out many GOGO bands so that I can get familiar with the culture. For many years, my interest in my Filipino culture had increased and was a supporter of Manilatown and SoMa in San Francisco. Many Fil-Am artists are dedicated in their craft and have a great amount of support. However, it is easy to get lost in a shuffle, especially when one is trying to be a pioneer. When 2020 arrived, I was getting nostalgic for the 2010s. When COVID-19 hit, ironically, I was almost relieved because it slowed things down and I finally had time to create new projects. I’ve recently been practicing singing blues songs along with my harmonica and also practicing all of the Latin rhythms I learned over the years. As the pandemic continues, I no longer have to worry about competing for gigs, especially when everyone is also in the same situation. At least now I can concentrate on completing my projects without putting a lot of pressure to stay competitive.